spring roll


 A-1 Spring Rolls (4)                                    $3.95

Thai spring rolls are crispy and light-filled with fresh cabbage, carrot and bean thread.

A-2 Satay Chicken(4)                                   $5.25

Bamboo skewered chicken marinated in curry, grilled and served with a flavorful peanut sauce for dipping and sweet and sour cucumber sauce.

A-3 Coconut Shrimp(5)                                $5.25

Fried shrimp covered in a light tempura-like batter rolled  in coconut.

A-4 Thai Thai’s Wings (6)                          $5.95

Choose of  teriyaki or Thai chili sauce.

A-5 Fish Cake (Tod mun)(5)                      $6.25

Fresh fish meat ground with thai red curry Make in to fish cake served with sweet & sour cucumber sauce.

A-6 Thai Dumplings (6)                             $5.95

Stuffed with chicken, shrimps, steamed topped with fried garlic, scallions served with thai soy sauce.

A-7 Curry puff (2)                                         $5.25

Thai style empanada consisting of specialized curry with chicken and potatoes in a deep-fried.

A-8 Crispy Wontons (8)                             $4.95

Wontons stuffs with chicken and shrimp, deep fried served with sweet and sour sauce.

A-9 Fried Tofu                                                 $3.95

Crispy tofu with our signature sweet and sour sauce topped with ground peanuts.

A-10 Fresh Roll (4)                                        $4.50

Vegetable wrap in fresh rice skin with grounf peanuts in spicy

and sweet sauce. Choice of chicken, shirmp and tofu.

A-11  Fried Calamari                                       $6.50

Vegetable wrap in fresh rice skin with grounf peanuts in spicy

and sweet sauce. Choice of chicken, shirmp and tofu.


S-1 Wonton Soup(Chicken and Shrimp)  $ 3.95

Stuffed wonton wrappers in Thai soup. Kids favorite!

S-2 Veggie Soup                                                     $ 3.95

Thai soup stock with mixed vegetables.

S-3 Tom Yum( shrimp add $ 1.00)             $ 3.95

Hot & sour soup with fresh lemongrass, lime juice, tomato, mushroom & chopped scallions.

S-4 Coconut Chicken Soup(Tom Kha Kai)$ 4.25

Hot and sour soup with chicken, coconut milk, chili, fresh lemongrass, chopped scallion, galangal, mushrooms & lime juice.



SL-1 Thai Thai’s salad                         $4.95

Fresh vegetables served with thai peanut or ginger dressing.

SL-2 Satay Salad                                   $6.95

Grilled strips of chicken served on top Thai Thai’s salad with our thai peanut sauce dressing.

SL-3 Beef Salad                                        $ 6.95

Grilled marinated beef tossed with cucumber, tomato, onion with our fresh spicy lime dressing.

SL-4 Larb Gai                                            $ 5.95

Minced chicken seasoned with thai herbs, lemongrass in spicy lime dressing.

SL-5 Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam) $ 4.95

Fresh papaya & carrot, mixed with lime juice, chili, tomato and peanut this is a testy dishes.

coconut souppad thai


Pan Fried Noodles

                     $7.95 Lunch ,  $ 8.95 Dinner

 Select of chicken, beef, pork, mix veggie or tofu

For shrimp add $ 1.00 and squid add $ 1.00

N-1 Pad Thai

 The definitive Thai dishes rice noodles sautéed with eggs, ground peanuts, bean sprouts & green onion.

N-2 Pad Woon Sen.

Clear noodles made from bean thread sautéed with bean sprouts, cabbage, carrots, snow peas, and onion.

N-3 Pad See-Ew.

“See-Ew ” in thai means sweet soy sauce -big flat noodles sautéed with broccoli, eggs, & bean sprouts.

N-4 Laad Na.

Pan fried big flat noodles stir fried broccoli and a choice of meat with light brown gravy.

N-5 Pad Kee Mao.

Big flat noodles sautéed with chili basil sauce, zucchini, fresh basil, pepper, onion and garlic.

N-6 Thai Lomein (Only large size) $ 7.95

Egg noodles stir fried with bean sprout, scallion and chef’s special sauce.


Spicy Thai Dishes

$ 7.95 Lunch , $ 8.95 Dinner

Choice of chicken, beef, pork, mix veggie or tofu

For shrimp add $ 1.00 and squid add $ 1.00

Ts-1 Thai Red Curry

A Thai classic, red curry is made red chilies, lime leaves, lemongrass shrimp paste, garlic, shallot, galangal, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, bell peppers and basil leave

Ts-2 Thai Green Curry

Make of fresh green Thai’s pepper, all fresh ingredients as coconut milk, galangal, garlic, lemongrass” curry come out slightly sweet with bamboo shoots, bell peppers, snow pea and basil leaves.

Ts-3 Panang Curry

Panang curry is a special curry flavored by ground peanuts, coconut milk, with broccoli and bell peppers.

Ts-4 Prik Khing

A real taste treat stir fried spicy chilies with green bean and lime leaves sautéed with Thai chili paste.

 Ts–5 Ga Pao ( Hot Basil )

Fresh sweet basil leaves stir fried with onion, zucchini, bell peppers, chilli and garlic.


Chef ’s Special


CS-1 Crab meat and shrimp fried rice                   $ 12.95

Stir fried with jasmine rice, egg, tomato, onion, scallion.

CS-2 Pad Thai crispy chicken                                 $ 10.95

Crispy chicken breast over rice noodles sautéed sweet and sour sauce with egg, ground peanuts, bean sprouts & green onions.

CS-3 Thai Thai’s catch of the day or shrimp  $ 12.95

Fish fillets or shrimp dipped in light batter & lightly fried, topped with your choice of sauce: fresh hot basil, sweet chili or ginger with jasmine rice.

CS-4 Crispy Duck                                                     $ 12.95

Roasted crispy duck topped with your choice of sauce, Thai red curry, Panang, fresh hot basil or sweet red chili with jasmine rice.

CS-5 Bang Bang Chicken                                    $ 10.95

Chicken strips dipped in a light batter and lightly fried. Served over fresh carrots and broccoli with sweet chili sauce with jasmine rice.


Non-spicy Thai dish

$ 7.95 Lunch , $ 8.95 Dinner

Select chicken, beef, pork, mix veggie or tofu

For shrimp add $ 1.00 and squid add $ 1.00

All entrée come with jasmine rice

NS-1 Sesame baby corn  

Sautéed sweet baby corn with mushrooms, onion,

bell peppers and snow peas.

NS-2   Mixed vegetables

Sautéed with a lot more fresh mixed vegetable, broccoli, carrots, zucchini and snow peas.

NS-3 Ginger

Fresh ginger sautéed with snow peas, onion, mushrooms and peppers.

NS-4 Garlic Pepper

Sautéed fresh garlic & white pepper served over steam carrots and broccoli.

NS-5   Sweet & Sour

Thai version is lighter and” Fresh” tasting, lightly sautéed with pineapple, cucumber, tomato, onion, peppers and scallions.

NS-6   Broccoli

Simple healthy and tasty light brown sauce sautéed broccoli & oyster sauce.

NS-7 Cashew Nuts

Roasted cashew nuts with onions, bell peppers, carrots, in a light brown sauce.

Fried Rice

FR-1 Thai Thai Fried Rice (combo) $8.95 Lunch, $10.95 Dinner

Pork, chicken, beef, & shrimp sautéed with jasmine rice, eggs, green onion, tomato .Thai style.

FR-2 Tradition Fried Rice              $ 7.95 Lunch, $9.95 Dinner

Choice of chicken, pork, beef or shrimp(add $1) or squid(add $1) sautéed with jasmine rice, eggs, green onion, tomato.

FR-3   Vegetable Fried Rice              $ 6.95 Lunch, $ 8.95 Dinner

Fresh mixed vegetables stir fried with jasmine rice, no egg.

FR-4  Tropical Fried Rice               $ 7.95 Lunch, $ 9.95 Dinner

Shrimp, chicken, pineapple, raisin, cashew nuts and Thai yellow curry sautéed with jasmine rice, & eggs. Thai style.

FR-5  Ga Pao (Hot Basil)               $ 7.95 Lunch, $ 9.95 Dinner

Stir fried choice of meat with bell peppers, garlic, basil, chilli, onion with jasmine rice in spicy basil sauce.

Kids Menu

K-1 Fried rice egg w/ 1 spring roll and 2 wings $ 4.95

K-2 Fried rice egg w/ 1 spring roll and 2 stays   $ 4.95



Jasmine Rice                                                           $ 1.50

Brown Rice  or Sticky Rice                                $ 2.00

A cup of fried rice                                                  $ 3.00

Fried rice with egg, tomato, onion and green onion.

French Fried                                                             $ 2.50

Extra Sauce                                                                $ 0.25


Mango & Sweet Sticky Rice (seasonal)             $ 4.95

Fried Ice Cream                                                           $ 4.95

Today Special Dessert                                              $ 3.50

Thai Ice Tea                                                                    $ 2.95

Thai Ice Coffee                                                              $ 2.95

Fountain Drinks                                                         $ 1.59

Bottle soda                                                                     $ 1.95

Bottle drink                                                                   $ 1.59

Can soda                                                                         $ 1.00

Sweet Sticky Rice                                                       $ 4.95


Half Size Steam Pan (10” x 12” x 2.5”) Serve 6 – 8 People

$50 Your Choice of Chicken, Beef, Pork or Tofu, $60 if you choose Shrimp (Spicy thai sauce and non-spicy thai sauce served With Jasmine Rice – 1 Half Size Steam Pan)